My role model Kristine

As we all know yesterday was international women‘s day and in fact of that I want to talk about this beautiful soul: Kristine Ullebø.
Maybe you know her, it’s this pretty human being with a wild and beautiful mind.

It is this young girl from Norway which leads her blog for years and inspired so many girls out there. To read her blog helps me every time when I have a bad day, or even when I can’t get out of bed or simply need inspiration. It’s so nice to read it! You should do it! It is nice to know that there is someone who just thinks and feels the same way like I do. The love to life, the love to a human, the love to music and the simple things in life that gives us so much, which we do not notice in our everyday life. But she does that. Damn I would love to know her personal! I think we would have so much to talk about. Especially about life. There are so many things that we could share with each other. When someone asks me who is my role model, yesss, then it is the 21 year old Kristine from Norway who attempts to make the best of everything. She’s a big reason why I’m on my best way to love myself. So powerful. I could talk about her the whole day but I will end up here..Many thanks Kristine! Hope we get to know each other one day.