in the mood for love

Today is not one of those bad days, it’s not one of the most amazing days, it took some time to realize this morning that this is just a good day. Waking up next to him is the best feeling ever even the alarm goes on at 7 am. After a while the sun came out and I had to smile. It’s freaking cold outside but the sun … ahh! There is nothing better. Actually I wanted to take some photos for my photography website (it’s online tomorrow, so check out if you want) but my mum and me endet up laying on the couch with the sun in our face talking about love. Ohhh love !! This feeling.! So pure and real when you fall in love the first time, young , fresh, so simple. What a reason to be alive. My favorite thing in this world is love and I’m not getting tired of it!! During my time in the retirement home these two old ladies told me their love story and I could have listened forever! I am not the one telling other people some lovestorys but I’m the one who listen with those cute little hearts in the eyes. Now I am waiting for him to come home after work for some good food and chill conversations and maybe a good movie. Xx

thursday night

So this evening was like one of my favorites. Self made food, red wine (one of the only alcoholic drinks I like) and some news to talk about with dad. So calm!
Yesterday I cooked dinner with a friend. It was so much fun. Actually, I do not like cooking, and I am not that good at it. But slowly I’m getting warm with it. If you cook with a friend it’s a really nice thing. Friends and delicious food .. hmmm so good! We decided to cook fried wok vegetables with pineapple and curry! Soo delicious! Unfortunately a bit spicy, that explains the milk glass haha! I’m so sensitive about sharpness. Hope you had a nice eve too, sleep well! Xx

turn over

A few weeks ago I was asked to introduce myself in a showroom as a model. YESS! Always dreamed of! I was there with my boyfriend. Very spontaneously I was called by the agency. Actually, we wanted to eat sushi … we better would have done that. When we arrived, I immediately felt out of place. People looked at me as if something was wrong with me. I explained why I was there and who sent me. I was treated like an object, not as a human. Just passed on but nobody really listened. So I came to the fitting and six people stared at me and another model. Crazy situation, uncomfortable. I was very happy when I was allowed to change clothes again. I had to write down the data of the agency and was allowed to leave. Nobody said goodbye. When we were out we laughed at this weird experience, the people who think they are better and let you feel it. Unfortunately I realized that this world is really based on lies. In the front compliments and behind the eyes went twisting and blaspheming. Terrible! Can you imagine living in such a world? No thanks! Not everyone is like that. I know that, but it’s sad to see a lot of people are and I know, I do not fit in there. Little lost now.
Also I was scouted by a model agency, I’m still unsure if I should try. It’s a great opportunity and I have nothing to lose. But this glamorous world is not as glamorous as it seems. If you do not have a name, you are virtually nothing. I’m on the best way to love myself, but it’s hard in this industry. If you get a ’no‘ or if you fail, then you have to stand upright and keep going. Easy to say. But let’s try.