friday night fever

Today I recognized that I have to take some time for myself. I think you notice when things get serious, when your body sends you signals, that it just can’t anymore. My body feels limp, except. And so I just had to stay home tonight. And it feels so good! Damn it! I love it. I completely forgot how to be alone without feeling alone. I always have something to do. Lately I have been sad and depressed when I had a break, so I always asked my friends to do something or I was with my boyfriend. And my body has been through it. But today was gameover. I did not have the motivation, the strength, the energy for anything.

So I took my new book and took a bath. aaah so relaxed! It’s so nice to relax with candlelight, close your eyes and just breathe.

Many people read this book, so I could not resist buying it too. So I went to the bookstore and got MILK AND HONEY by rupi kaur. A reaaaaal good one I can say ! I’m not done yet, but it totally seizes me! So honest and real. You should go- buy it!



After so much relaxation, I lie down on the sofa and relax further and will go straight to bed very soon. Tomorrow is a new day, with no time for myself. But now I can be happy! My body is certainly not quite recovered, but it is already a bit better than before. A friend told me about meditation, maybe I’ll try it next time. We will see.

Well then, goooood night xxx

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