so many ideas in this head

The caption says it all. At the moment I realize how much I want to do something creative. It’s like I finally got my eyes open. The job I am doing right now is definitely nothing I want to do in the future. I want to create I want to share my work and I want to touch hearts with it. I want the viewers feel something when they look at my photography.
I don’t want to sit a whole day in an office, writing bills and making coffee for others. I just want to get my crazy head out in this big world. It’s amazing what the world has to give to all of us. And I want to get to know so many people, inspiring people with a beautiful mind about life.


(dress: for love&lemons )

The best way to relax and think about everything is to just open a window in your room, watch the birds flying around the trees and drink some hot chocolate with the fucking sunshine in your face! Love it. Sleep in on Saturday and wake yourself up early on Sunday. It is the best feeling ever.

This is my mood from Sunday night getting ready for the week

mood rn (1).jpg

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