kind words

„You’re a positive human being, with positive energy. You radiate this energy and pass it on to your environment. You can see that. The last year you met a lot of nice and beautiful people. People who became your friends. Friends with the same positive energy, maybe they have received these from you and now transmit it to others. Everyone is full of energy, good energy or bad.
And you can see that… lately you have a lot going on, lots of great possibilities and good ideas.


It’s normal, that sometimes you don’t feel good (mentally), that may be due to a few people with negative energy who influence a life in addition from the outside, because you’ll always meet people who are against you. But basically you are free. You know that. You left school and your mind has been able to get away from many bad influences. You do your own thing and that’s great. Unfortunately, not everyone has taken that courage and now they’re unhappy because they are doing what the society wants. But I’m sure that some day they will learn it.“



These are my father’s words from last night. I just told him that there was a new opportunity for me to take me further in photography and that I am really happy at the moment. Yes, right now I honestly have no reason to complain, I have to say.

It is nice to hear those words from my dad. I think a lot of people (like me) are not so aware of their impact on others, so it’s great to keep that in mind. You always have to talk to each other. Communication is very important in life.


People are always happy about positive words.

It does not matter if you know the person or just see them on the street. If I see someone who has a nice charisma or wears beautiful clothes, then I say that out loud. I would not have dared to do that before. But with time I’ve noticed that I get more and more out of myself. Why should you hide nice words?



love this!!

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