Take a risk take a chance make a change

Sometimes it’s really difficult for me to say what I want to say in english. I first wanted to start this blog in german but I thought it would be better if everyone could understand what I’m saying. So I really try my best to present you my thoughts which would be easier to share in german. As I saw that people from all over the world red my first two posts I was so glad about it that I decided to continue in english but it might be not that good as it should so…sorry about that.


my workspace today


I think it’s a good opportiunity for me to get better in the english language -and I really want to get better. You’ll always learn more and more in life when you take little risks and chances to grow. I think with every little step you’ll get closer to your goals so be brave and just do it. Problems are more worse in your head then they really are. When you look back you always see that you’ve learned something.  When it’s happen and it feels bad you should think in the future you have learned something for life.

As well as to take chances I think changes are also very important in life..’cause you can’t run away from them. A level of change in life is pretty good. I need to have a little difference in life. I think you should look at a change not as something ending or something bad…but a door opening to something new or a door open in something you need to remember.

Today was a good day. I went to the city by my own to buy some fairy-lights for my room, it’s so cozy now. Sometimes I love to walk through the town alone, so relaxed and calm. It’s a good feeling to be by your own without feeling alone.

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