Every 1st of month

A long time ago I red a very good blogpost from Ellie Lemons in which she told us how to start positive in a new month.
10 easy steps you should write down.


Step 1
5 things to do this month
Just easy things you definitely should do

Step 2
Do these things!

Step 3
Change small things and get over obstacles.
For me it is something like more sports but it could be everything which has to do with motivation

Step 4 
Go out!
Really, go outside. Fresh air – fresh mind. Go for a walk, 15 minutes will do.

Step 5
Take other ways when your outside.


Step 6 (my favorite one)
Do one thing everyday that you love.
So this is completely up to you, but do it! It’s always good to do something you love and if you have a bad day, don’t miss this step, it could change your bad day in a good one.

Step 7
Concentrate on the main thing
Keep your eyes on which counts the most.

Step 8
Switch off your mobile phone, laptop and TV
We all spend the whole day on our phones or most of the time. And when we finished all the stuff on our phone we turn on the tv or we work with our computers. So switch it off and take a bath in candle light or cook something real good.

Step 9
Only have good thoughts
If your attitude is positive life is more easier.

Step 10
Take new risks
Set yourself some goals you wanted to reach a long time ago. Don’t be shy, be yourself. You will fall many times, but who’s counting?


I promise, these things will make you really happy, because you take time for yourself.
I do this every month, it is a beautiful reminder!
her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellielemons/
her Blog: http://www.ellielemons.com


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